2013 Grampian Challenge

The Grampian Challenge has unfortunately been cancelled for 2013.

All paid and registered racers will receive a full refund.  We know many riders and racers will be disappointed with the news and we are bummed to have to pull the plug.  There are many reasons that the event was not coming together as we wanted this year.  Your Grampian race directors – Chad, Zac & Luke – have all been overly busy at our “real” jobs as of late.  Compounding matters, some of us also had personal & family issues that took away time from planning.  Furthermore our registered racers number was low, but we still feel we would have easily had 150+ riders, so that is not a main reason for the cancellation.  However, it would have been nice to see more riders register early!

As many of you know, the Grampian course uses public roads, private roads, private property, and state land.   Even though this would have been the third year for the event, we found ourselves coming up against new obstacles planning the event this year with the various entities we must coordinate with.  Unfortunately, we just felt that we did not have the time to properly overcome these obstacles to put on a successful and most importantly safe event. 

Thanks to Addison Oaks and Race Services as they are both great organizations and certainly not part of the obstacles we encountered.

At this point we would not say that the Grampian Challenge is gone forever.  Perhaps it may come back in 2014.  We appreciate your support and feedback.


Luke, Chad & Zac




Grampian Challenge News

The 2013 Grampian Challenge has been cancelled. Hopefully we can bring this great race back again in the future!