The Course

Updated 2/18/12 - Only one course length for 2012 race!!!

Below are the description and maps from the 2011 course. The 2012 course will be very similar so we are leaving this information up until the slightly revised course is ready. The single 2012 course will be around 35 miles.

The 2012 course will again have a good mix of single track, two tracks and rolling gravel roads.  The “Grampian Hill” on Drahner Road will still be a feature along with the climb of the old Grampian skill hill. To cut down to 35 miles, we hope to cut off just a couple segments of gravel road and possible add in some additional two track riding. 

The 2012 ride starts the same as 2011 with the two track trails In Addison Oaks that can easily accommodate 3 to 4 riders wide and allows for passing and maneuvering.  The route then moves to open gravel roads for a while before hitting 3.6 miles of Bald Mountain single track.  The middle section of the race is all dirt, gravel, and rail trail allowing racers to spread out and pass easily.  Rest assured the climb up the Grampian Hill will spread racers out!  More single track plays into the finishing strategy as racers head back into Addison Oaks for the end of the course.  If you are competitive racer you will want to fight for that hole shot heading into it.  However, we will have an ample lane coming into the finish for any epic sprint battles for position. 

Below is final 2011 course map. An actual 2012 map will be added in the coming months.

Grampian Challenge News

The 2013 Grampian Challenge has been cancelled. Hopefully we can bring this great race back again in the future!